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First Christian SonShine Station

Our Design

SonShine Station provides before and after school care for First Christian Students and students in the local community. Students may arrive in the morning at 6:30. First Christian School students are escorted to class. Students who attend South Hill Elementary and Park View Middle School are picked up on a school bus.

Students may stay until 6:00 for afterschool care. First Christian students are walked to SonShine Station. Students from Lacrosse Elementary are picked up at school and ride the First Christian School van to SonShine Station. Students from South Hill Elementary and Park View Middle Schools ride the school bus to SonShine Station.

Summer Day Camps are provided during the summer. Summer SonShine Station is provided for First Christian preschool students, who must be potty trained, and for students Kindergarten through Eighth grade from First Christian and the local community. Each week will have a different theme and activities will be centered on the weekly theme.

Our Philosophy

All knowledge is from God and is full of spirit and truth when made relevant to God’s purpose for mankind.  Children are uniquely created by God.  Therefore, each child has God-given talents to be nurtured.  Children advance at different rates through stages of cognitive, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual development.  We at First Christian School intend to provide learning experiences to enhance and stimulate all developmental areas in each child.  This will be accomplished by providing a quality education through:


  • Inspiring life long enthusiasm and love of learning, wisdom and knowledge.
  • Striving for academic excellence in each child through the use of high quality scholastic tools and curriculum.
  • Encouraging children to learn responsibility by participation in age-appropriate decision making.
  • Establishing a foundation of core Christian values and morals.
  • Challenging the child to respond to God in a personal relationship through Jesus Christ our Savior.

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