Meet Our Board

The First Christian Board

The First Christian School board serves the school in several important ways.  First and most importantly the school board’s job is act in the best interest of the students’ who attend the school.  The top priority of the board is to make sure the students at First Christian School receive a quality education that is Christ centered.  The School Board makes sure that decisions and polices support the school’s mission. 

Dave Hudgins

Building and Grounds Committee

2nd Year (Voting)

Emmett Williams

Finance Committee

1st Year (Voting)

Traci Williams

Member at Large

2nd Year (Voting)

Justin Rose

Parent Representative

2nd Year (Voting)

Stephanie Sullivan

Chairperson, Deacon, Board Representative

3rdYear (Voting)

Jennifer Powers

Parent Representative

3rd Year (Voting)

Lindsey Puryear

Parent Representative

2nd Year (Voting)

Erinn Baird



Colleen Cookson

Elementary Representative


Crystal Harris

Preschool Representative


Maggie Cookson

SonShine Station Director


First Christian School
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South Hill, VA 23970
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