2016-2017 (upcoming year) Preschool Pricing Information

About Our School

First Christian School in South Hill, Virginia, was established in 1998 as a safe place for students to develop excellence in academics as well as learn Christian values. We currently offer opportunities for children from three years of age through 8th grade.

Our preschool offers a developmentally appropriate program for both three and four year old students, in either a part day or full day atmosphere. Class sizes are limited to 10 students in our three year old program and 12 students in our four year old program. Our staff consists of six classroom teachers and two aides. The program, special events, field trips, and group activities are facilitated by our preschool director.

Our elementary school has classes for students from kindergarten through 5th grade and our middle school consists of 6th through 8th grade. Our kindergarten classrooms are limited to 15 students with an aide. 1st-3rd grade classes are limited to 18 students and 4th-8th grades are limited to 20 students. It is our position that a smaller student- to-teacher ratio provides the individual attention necessary for each child to be successful.

The quality education that our students receive is expanded upon by the many learning opportunities provided by our music teacher, physical education teacher, art teacher, and Spanish teacher, all of which add to a well-rounded learning experience. Middle school students have an opportunity to take exploratory classes such as: culinary arts, sign language, photography, drama, and computer applications. In addition, extra-curricular activities are available to our students. Currently our schedule of extra-curricular activities includes yearbook club, science club, book club, school newspaper, soccer and basketball.

First Christian School is proud to provide a nurturing environment that builds upon the positive experiences that our students receive in their homes. In order to support our children in their endeavor to become productive citizens, our expectations for achievement and behavior are high. All elementary and middle school students are required to take nationally-normed standardized test at the end of each school year.